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Dealing with personal data - The Machuland may process users’ personal data by saving, analysing and/or other ways. Unless permitted or required by law, the Machuland would not intentionally disclose your personal data to any third parties without your prior consent.

Third-party - Machuland’s page is powered by mainly ONE-POS and Wordpress. ( and ), Facebook Inc.  ( and ) where payments and delivery services are supported by numerous companies. While accessing Machuland’s page, one’s personal data might be obtained by the companies via ways including but not limited to cookies. We do not guarantee the use of your personal data by these companies, nor be responsible for their actions. For private policies of the companies, please kindly visit their private policy page.

Search service - The Machuland does not intend to collect any data from the searching service provided in the Machuland’s page.

1.  ‘Contents’ represents both text and non-text contents including but not limited to photographs, drawings, audio files and video files

2.  ‘Personal Data’ may or may not include but not limit to one’s name, phone number and credit card number.

3.  ‘misuse of product(s)’ means all ways of using the product(s) that were not suggested by the Machuland or its staff, and/or application of product(s) on any living being that was not advised to.

4.  ‘pre-existing diseases’ may include but not limit to allergies, cardiovascular disease and other physical and mental health issues that was diagnosed or suspected by medical staff, and/or known risk of any physical or mental health issues.


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