BIOSONICS Crystal Planet音叉






Tap the Sun Crystal Tuner when you want to bring more light into your life, to enhance your sense of strength and motivation and increase your vitality. Also use the Sun Crystal Tuner when you want to radiate out from a strong center, tap into your enthusiasm and zest for life and determination needed to pursue your goals.

Tap Venus for love, to bring out the beauty in all your relationships you hold most dear, when you need to make a spark, to reignite your passions, to enhance your ability to feel love, to enhance your ability to receive and give, increase your ability to feel love and pleasure, to harmonize yourself and love yourself.

Tap the Jupiter Crystal Tuner to bring the energy of abundance, good luck, good fortune.
This fork can be used when making airline reservations, or working on your computer on a difficult task, to bring luck and ease.
Jupiter enhances openess, trust, optimism, good fortune and brings out a jovial spirit of laughter. Allows one to be receptive to grace and the adventures of life.

Tap the Moon Crystal Tuner to help balance your emotions, to slow yourself down, to bring about emotional tranquility, softness and a going with the flow feeling.

You can also bring about softness with yourself and others, like the flutter of a butterfly wing or a hug.